This site is dedicated to the expansion of Hanging Rock State Park in Stokes County.

In 2014, the State of North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources acquired nearly 750 acres of land north of Hanging Rock State Park. obs landscape architects was contracted by the State of North Carolina in the fall of 2016 to develop a master plan for this recent addition to Hanging Rock State Park.

The master plan for the expansion of Hanging Rock State Park will create a vision for the newly acquired land, which has a rich history.  The approximately 750 acres includes former Camp Sertoma and the surrounding land known as Vade Mecum, as well as the former Moores Springs campground site. The recommendations of the final master plan, developed through an inclusive process with in-depth analysis and multiple opportunities for community engagement, will guide future development over the next several decades.

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You are needing a family type restaurant. Good food draws people in and maybe a gift shop of local craftsman making their wares. Geology stones of the area would make good interest and the sale of them. History of the place is significant as well and displayed. Old photographs, etc


  2. Re-open Moores Springs Campground and cater it’s offerings to the rock climbing, mountain biking and boating communities. These recreational groups need camping​ near their day use activities. Follow the historical model of the Civilian Conservation Corps; build recreational infrastructure, build more trails!


  3. More trails and campsites. A small general store that visitors could buy supplies needed for camping, swimming, hiking, or just a day of fun.


  4. Having a campground that caters to equestrians as well as hikers, bikers, climbers etc. would be fabulous! There is nothing local that has equestrian camp sites at trail heads. The New River Trail in VA is a good example. It would be nice to offer the same in Stokes and keep the money local.


  5. My people have been in this county since the 1700’s it is a shame to see this land destroyed, by people who have no respect for their selves much less someone else’s property. Leave this new land as it is (natural) and the park the same. Stokes county is certainly not the place it used to be.


  6. I am a former Stokes Co. resident, my grandfather was in the CIvilian Conservation Corp that helped build part recreational area that is at Hanging Rock now. I enjoy going to experience what he was part of developing so many years ago, but to add to the experience and what really fits mine and my family’s lifestyle would be more trails for mountain biking and hiking with that newly acquired land. Hanging Rock is a beautiful place that I hope can stay true to what it has been, unspoiled. Put the restaurants and tourist traps in Danbury if need be but keep them away from the State Park.


  7. This is so good to hear! I really hope the horse trails surrounding Camp Seratoma can be revived and reconnected and a horse camp added. So many trails have been lost over the years it is great to see hopes for some additions!!


  8. I too, am hoping that equestrian trails will be included in this endeavor. I am an avid Sauratown Trails lover because it is one of the few area trails that allow horses. I would love to see The Sauratown Booth trail on Mickey Rd connect to Vade Mecum and be able to horse camp there and ride out towards Hanging Rock on new trails. Please don’t forget the equestrians!


  9. It’s wonderful that this acreage has been acquired to be kept natural. I would love to see more equestrian trails around the perimeter and loops for shorter rides, and a horse camp with at least 10×10 ft stalls so we can enjoy nature at its best while enjoying our horses too. We have lost some trails recently. I camp in VA often, but it would be nice to keep some of that money here in our local counties and state. NC needs more equestrian trails, and the trails that can be shared with hikers and bikers too. Looking forward to the many possibilities.


  10. I would love to see more mountain biking trails and camping near those trails. Just look at the growth that Brevard, NC has seen by embracing the mountain biking scene. Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities today. It gets people active and has been proven to be one of the lowest impact activities to land and trails. I understand horseback riders need places to ride as well, but horses erode the trail and leave “remnants” everywhere that hikers and bikers are left to ride/walk through like a mine field. In addition to their impact on the trails, the giant truck and travel trailers that come through, often leave gravel/grassy/dirt parking areas left looking like a mud pit.


  11. I am so disappointed that you have not listened to the locals even though you claimed all along this was important to you. Your plans are destructive to what we cherish most. You have proven yourselves to be typical well-paid consultants who will not be here when your devastation of a once beautiful and spiritual area is completed. Shame on you.


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