Survey Results Posted

On April 26, a community meeting was held in Danbury at the Arts Place. The meeting gave the community an opportunity to share their ideas with the design team, as well as participate in analysis exercises.

The community was polled on their feelings about the buildings and other cultural features located on the Vade Mecum and Moores Springs properties as well their thoughts on appropriate and/or needed land uses and activities on the site. Following the meeting, the same exercises were posted online and linked to from the web site. Between the community meeting and the online poll, a total of 127 responses were collected. The results have been posted on the Survey Results page. The survey results start to define priorities and needs for the site as defined by the community, providing direction as the design process moves from analysis to concept development.

The next community meeting is slated for 4-7pm on June 29, 2017, at the Walnut Cove Public Library. The community will have an opportunity to comment on alternative design concepts.

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