Phase 2: Initial Conceptual Plans

On June 29, 2017, three distinct concept plans were presented to the community at an open house held at the Walnut Cove Public Library in Walnut Cove, NC. The three concepts are supported by a series of vignettes depicting ideas in several key areas. The concepts are based on input received from the community, site analysis and feedback from key stakeholders during Phase One.

The community was asked to vote on the concepts and the vignettes at the open house and an online survey was available for two weeks. The results of those surveys and the feedback received from the open house have been compiled and are posted on the website:

Initial Concepts Survey Results

About the Concepts

There are various features, elements and ideas that are included in all development options. These are based on input received to date from community, park staff and other stakeholders. These are:

  • Full build out of mountain biking trails at Moore Springs property / existing and planned 20.7 miles
  • Hiking only trail (Spring House Trail ~ 2.6 miles)
  • Accommodations: Cabins and tent (group, family, primitive)
  • Historic Preservation (hotel, gym, chapel, spring houses, bridge, dams)
  • River Access at Moores Springs
  • Trailhead and day use area at Moores Springs Dam (hiking connection to Hanging Rock proper)
  • Ranger Residence (number and location vary)
  • New Driveway location and bridge at Moores Springs
  • Community Event Space
  • Parking (as required per option)
  • Keep maintenance building
  • Renovate existing barn
  • Restrooms
  • Picnicking
  • Playground
  • Bouldering considerations (potential opportunities still under review)

Specific to each option are variations in terms of land use, trail types and accommodations. The information under each option describes those variations. (Click the images to view full-size PDFs)


Land Use Options-option A_thumb

  • Hiking-only trails: ~5.9 total miles
  • Equestrian trails: 5.2 miles on Vade Mecum, connection to the Mountains to Sea Trail
  • Camping at Vade Mecum: 30 family tent sites / 83 primitive tent sites
  • Cabins at Vade Mecum: 6 new cabins associated with equestrian facilities
  • One ranger residence (renovate / replace existing structure)
Additional Features, Recreation Facilities
  • Potential re-purpose existing horse barn for equestrian vendor
  • Pool stays
  • Relocated ropes course
  • Equestrian Facilities: New horse barn

Land Use Options-option B_thumb

  • Mountain biking trails on Vade Mecum: ~7.2 total miles
  • Hiking-only trails: ~4.5 total miles
  • Camping at Moores Springs: 30 family tent sites / 4 group tent sites / 10 primitive
  • Camping at Vade Mecum: 8 family tent sites
  • Cabins at Vade Mecum: 20 new cabins
  • Hotel restored for hostel-type accommodations (~ 33 rooms)
  • Two ranger residences (new)
Additional Features, Recreation Facilities
  • Access road to north side of Vade Mecum
  • Pool removed
  • 4 new amphitheaters at Vade Mecum
  • Ropes course removed

Land Use Options-option C_thumb

  • Hiking-only trails on Vade Mecum: ~11.2 total miles
  • Equestrian trail: On property south of Moore Springs Road, connection to Mountains To Sea Trail
  • Camping at Moores Springs: 12 family tent sites / 10 primitive tent sites
  • Camping at Vade Mecum: 4 group tent sites
  • Cabins at Vade Mecum: Restore 6 cabins / 11 new cabins
  • Two ranger residences: One renovated / one new
Additional Features Recreation Facilities
  • Pool removed
  • Ropes course removed

Design Vignettes

The Design vignettes support the overall concept plans. They are intended to provide a sense of how a certain approach might look in one of the key areas. Each option in the key areas is color coded to its associated overall plan. Click on the images to view full sized PDFs.

2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-VM main campus_thumb 2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-VM west_thumb

2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-VM north_thumb 2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-VM east_thumb

2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-VM Sunset_thumb 2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-MS campground_thumb

2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-MS Ed Booth_thumb 2017-06-29 HR - Public Meeting Vignettes-MS any_thumb

Overall Connections

The map below shows potential connections between the Vade Mecum and Moores Springs properties to the main part of Hanging Rock State Park, as well as potential connections to the Mountains to Sea Trail. (Click on the image to view a full size PDF)

Land Use Options-Overall Connections

17 thoughts on “Phase 2: Initial Conceptual Plans

  1. Is a new river access for boaters a part of options A, B or c? This is such a great opportunity for a river access location. Please make that a priority. That would make Hart Dan River access to Moore Spring such a great option. Right now the Hart access to The Hanging Rock access is quite long for most paddlers. Thanks for considering.


    • River access at the former Moores Springs campground is included in all three options. The vignettes show slightly different approaches to how it might happen, though. Two options show parking at the river access, while the third option shows a carry-in access.


  2. Vade Mecum would be best horse trail/facilities location. Mountain biking needs to be separate from MST & hiking trails. A corridor for the MST/Sauratown Trail in Vade Mecum would be great, with access to campsites. Maximizing camp sites is important for future growth of the entire park. Additional Dan River access likewise good for current & future growth.


  3. Please consider options for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. I am a horseback rider and certainly welcome the access to great trails as well as camping. If the area can be shared by all, I feel that is the best option however for HUGE safety reasons the horse community prefers to not mix bicycles with the horses on trails. If it could be worked out to have areas for everyone, how could that not be the best option for everyone. The horse barn would certainly be an added plus.
    When would all of this be completed or would it be done in phases?
    Linda Harbison


    • Ms. Harbinson, thank you for visiting the website and leaving a comment. We truly appreciate all of the feedback we receive from the community! To answer your question, the State currently has some money that they will use to get this piece of the park open to visitors as soon as they can. The master plan will help define how that initial pot of money is used, but ultimately, the master plan will set a vision for future development over the course of the next 20-30 years. Much of what is proposed in the final plan will be phased in over time.


  4. As an avid nature lover and horseback rider I am truly excited about the options for equestrians. Adding to the trails for all is good for the whole community of nature lovers. Please seriously consider the renovation of the barn and adding to the hike/bike and equestrian trails. I believe it will be a great addition to the current system.


  5. Please consider rv camping like at Stone Mountain and Jordan lake . Then this would be one of the most visited in state.


    • Hanging Rock State Park is already one of the most visited parks in the state (in summertime). Crowded enough already. PLEASE don’t have RV camping.


  6. I have visited Hanging Rock numerous times as my daughters were regular campers at UNC-Greensboro’s Band Camp. I have always been impressed with Hanging Rock’s generally central location in consideration of the population centers in the state. I would like to see the new facilities have an education center component for the public and the education community similar to the NC Wildlife Commission’s Education Centers. Unlike the Commission’s Western Center in Pisgah Forest and the Eastern Center in Corolla, Hanging Rock would offer facilities within a 2 to 3 hour drive of most North Carolina residents.


  7. I like Option A the most. As a hiker, I don’t want to be selfish and ONLY have hiking trails, so I think a combo of hiking and horse trails would be the best. I also think the location of the Vade Mecum campground is a great idea, especially for people trying to hike the MST. I understand mountain bikers also want and need a place for recreation, but in my experience they’re the most selfish when it comes to trail etiquette. But I don’t understand why Option B is the only option that has the Hotel being restored. I think that would also be a good touch.


  8. As a MTB enthusiast I prefer Option B but would really like the ropes course to remain (currently only available in option A).

    More specifically these are my preferences to the other areas:
    1) Moores Spring = Option B
    2) Vade Mecum – Sunset Point = Option A/B
    3) Vade Mecum – East = Option B
    4) Vade Mecum – North = Option B
    5) Vade Mecum – Main Campus = Option B
    6) Vade Mecum – Option C

    Thanks for taking everyone’s input into consideration.


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