Phase 3 – Draft Master Plan

The draft master plan is the culmination of input received from the community and stakeholders during the first two phases of the process. The draft plan combines all of the data collected during the past several months into one singular and cohesive plan for the future expansion of Hanging Rock State Park. This long-range vision plan includes an overall map that focuses on trail networks and parking along with a series of site-specific vignettes that provide additional detail. View the map and vignettes below.

The plan presented is a road map for the future.  A few of the ideas will be implemented in the coming years allowing the property to be opened to the public; however, the majority of the ideas presented will be phased in over time. This plan projects over the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and is meant to support the Park’s current activities as well as address an ever increasing visitorship and the resulting pressures on the existing facilities. As demand changes, priorities shift and funding allocated, the final document and plan will evolve to meet the needs of the time.

20170916 DraftMasterPlan_thumb


Area Vignettes

(Click each image to open the full-size PDFs in a new window)

Moores Springs – Ed Booth Road

MS DamEdBooth_thumb

SUMMARY: 2 Restroom locations / Picnic area / Parking / 100 spaces / Hiking-only trails: area loop, connection to campground, potential connection to HARO / Improved trail connection under bridge

Moores Springs – Campground

MS Campground_thumb

SUMMARY: 14 Family walk-in campsites with shower house / 16 Primitive walk-in campsites with pit toilet / River access / Parking ~ 76 spaces / Hiking-only trails: Spring House Trail / 1 Restroom facility / Picnic area + shelter / Spring House renovation

Vade Mecum – East

VM East_thumb

SUMMARY: 9 Family cabins / 20 Family drive-in camp sites / Shower house at campground / Equestrian use at horse barn / 5 horse trailer overnight spaces / Trail connections to equestrian loop and Mountains to Sea Trail / Parking ~ 22 spaces / Flexible open space  / Re-purpose nature center as camp store / Maintenance facility area expansion

Vade Mecum – North

VM North_thumb

SUMMARY: 15 Primitive tent sites with restroom / 4 Primitive group camping sites with restroom / Preservation of cemetery / Hiking and equestrian trials / Reforestation of area to P East Road, except meadow (septic field)

Vade Mecum – West

VM West_thumb

SUMMARY: 10  horse trailer spaces / Trail connections to equestrian loop and Mountains to Sea Trail / Parking ~ 40 spaces / Overflow event parking in meadow

Vade Mecum – Central Campus

VM CentralCampus_thumb

SUMMARY: Gym + Chapel as event space / Hotel Short term ~ history museum, café, gift shop, event space / Hotel Long term ~ Hostel accommodations / 3 cabins renovated as family cabins / 3 new family cabins / Outdoor stage / amphitheater / New restroom between hotel and gym / Parking ~ 15 spaces reserved for cabins / Parking ~ 52 spaces for day use and hotel  / Renovate Spring House / Interpretative spaces