Community Engagement

Our planning process for the project is designed to be inclusive, community-focused and transparent.

Through a process designed specifically for the project we will build consensus for a common vision and implementation strategy.  The planning process will be structured to allow for significant collaboration between obs, park staff, stakeholders and the community throughout the project planning process.

The structure of the process will focus on the following objectives:

  • Gather pertinent information that will inform planning decisions.
  • Develop plans in response to staff and community input as well as information gathered.
  • Educate, involve, and communicate information to those participating in the process.
  • Define a shared vision for the master plan.


How to Get Involved

Attend public meetings

There are 3-4 public meetings planned between April and September. All public meetings will be held near the park. The first meeting will be 4-7pm on April 26 and will be held in Danbury at the Arts Place of Stokes. The second public meeting will be held on June 29 the Walnut Cover Public Library in in Walnut Cove. Check back often for meeting announcements and details. Latter meetings have yet to be announced.

Take our online surveys

The first series of online surveys were conducted between April 27 and May 24, 2017. Feedback received from the surveys helped set our course for concept development.

The first survey was an evaluation of the buildings and cultural features on the Vade Mecum and Moores Springs properties. The second survey was to learn about the community’s thoughts on what uses are appropriate for these pieces of property. The properties are broken up by areas, defined by natural features, roads and property lines.

View the Survey results here.

The second survey has been posted, following up on the second public meeting held in Walnut Cove on June 29, 2017. The community is asked to comment on several maps and plans depicting a variety of options for this property. A link to the survey has been posted on the Master Plan: Phase 2 – Initial Conceptual Plans page.

 Contact Us

If you can’t attend any public meetings, feel free to send us emails or leave comments on the website. We want to hear your stories, ideas, concerns and anything else you feel is important to share. Send us an email at or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.  There also is a link for contacting the design team on the right side of this page.